Sunday 26 June 2011

How idiots lose hub caps

This bit of footage was shot where I cross Parramatta Road. Check out how badly some of these drivers take the corner in front of me.

They're coming out of a two lane road - one lane goes left, the other right. They're turning into a three lane road, and the lanes are reasonably wide. There is no traffic coming from the right, so they can turn as wide as they like.

Two idiots in this clip nearly ran over my foot as they mounted the kerb when taking the corner. I couldn't believe the horrendously low standard of driving on display. The last car was the worst - a small red hatchback with a young woman at the wheel. She was trying to steer with one hand as she texted with the other. Her back wheel went up and over the kerb with a nasty scratching sound, and didn't miss my foot by much. I hope she stuffed the bead on that tyre and had a flat not long after.

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