Saturday 29 August 2009

More rooting

Rooting? Sorry, I meant routing. This is another in my occasional series on how to ride into the city from out our way. I take up my ride where Barnstaple Rd meets the Bay Run.

The red route marks the path that most cyclists take. You follow the Bay Run around to the rowing sheds, and just past that, you take the ramp up onto the old road bridge. The bridge takes you over a canal, and right in front of you is Lilyfield Rd - and a nasty hill.

If my legs are still a bit cold when I reach that hill, I take a detour (marked in blue) which provides a gentler climb up the same hill - you still have to climb the same distance, but it is a choice between a near vertical ascent and a slightly less vertical ascent. There are mornings when I don't see much difference between the two, but the blue route goes around the water, and I like watching the rowers doing their training as I go past.

Apart from that, you just get onto Lilyfield Rd, hop into the bike lane and follow it all the way to Victoria Rd, and the ANZAC Bridge. No funny turns or anything like that to worry about. Simple.

More later.

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