Sunday 2 August 2009

Junior goes sleuthing

Junior was so taken by the factory fire at Silverwater this morning that he asked if he could ride over and have a look and take some photos.

At the time, we had no idea it was at Silverwater, which is miles away. I thought it was a lot closer - like the Arnotts factory not far from here. I told him to ride down to the water where he'd get a much clearer shot of the smoke.

He of course completely disregarded everything we had to say and kept riding towards the smoke until he was stopped by Police barricades. Even then, he tried to slip through to get closer, but was thwarted at each turn.

I'm impressed with how far he went - no map, no water, no GPS, no mobile phone and no idea how far he was going; just a tower of smoke to guide him, and best guesses to get him home.

Whilst he was out there, he was interviewed by a TV crew. Being an utterly observant teenager, he has no idea what station did it. He told them a made up, bullshit story - if he makes the news, my respect for the main stream media will sink even further than it has already. I'll have to tape it if he is on tonight, so he can take it to school for his media studies classes and show his teacher how easy it is to dupe the media. Either that, or the plod will be knocking on our door next week, thinking he is an arsonist.

J gave him a bollocking when he got home, because he was gone for so long, and I thought he was going to be grounded, but I ended up driving him to a shopping centre so he could see a movie with a friend. Is that twisted or what?

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Steve D said...

Did he manage to get at "Chk-chk-boom" quote into the interview?