Sunday 12 August 2012

Trying to explain things to teenagers

Teenagers. They know everything. There's nothing they can learn from adults. Really, there isn't. All that extra life experience you've had, all those successes and failures - that counts for nothing. Because they are smarter than you.

Take our frying pans for instance. We bought some cheap, non-stick ones for frying eggs and things. When Junior started cooking for himself, I pointed out our extensive range of plastic spatulas, and explained how they had to be used to avoid scratching the non-stick stuff off the frying pan.

A year later, my fried eggs and bacon are sticking to the bottom of the pan like it was coated with super glue. So I decide to investigate.

It turns out Junior had been using my BBQ-mate, which is designed for scraping all the burnt, baked on muck off the BBQ hot plate. It's great for scraping immolated sausages from a BBQ, and it doubles beautifully at removing the non-stick coating from cheap frying pans. Using a plastic spatula was obviously too wimpy.

We now have new frying pans.

The BBQ-mate is hiding in the shed. We'll see how long it takes him to scratch the blazes out of the new ones.


Anonymous said...

Or try the alternative of a good heavy s/steel or cast iron pan and insist it is kept clean. Bigtones.

Boy on a bike said...

We have one of them too. Doesn't get used by anyone except me as it is "too heavy". Best use for it might be whacking people over the head when they scratch the other frying pans.