Sunday 5 August 2012


After watching a few episodes of The Men Who Made Us Fat, I was out of bed at sparrow fart and on the road.

It was pretty dark before 0600hrs - so dark, I had to stop and plonk the camera on a convenient fence post in order to steady the above photo. Haven't seen the water this flat and still in ages - there was hardly a ripple for miles.

I thought this bloke was going to wipe out pedestrian after pedestrian with that wide load on the back. However, he handled it pretty skilfully, and didn't whack anyone whilst I was following him. The pannier that the box is sitting on seemed to have some sort of electric motor in it - he hardly had to pedal at all.

The harbour was lined with photographers this morning to capture a cruise ship coming in.

Thar she blows.

And that's the view the people on the ship would have seen. Just lovely. It was worth freezing my balls off for.

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