Friday 24 August 2012

I love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning

I just love the recent tone Fairfax has taken regarding the misdemeanours of our Prime Minister.

Consider their lines of thinking:

  1. Fraud, corruption and illegal conduct by Police must be investigated by a Royal Commission. Right now. However, fraud corruption and illegal conduct by union officials and their hangers on are very ho-hum and of no interest to anyone.
  2. Julian Assange must be not be silenced, and he must be given every opportunity to distribute his sensitive, stolen material. However, Larry Pickering has to be muzzled, and his attempts to uncover and distribute material that should be in the public domain are an affront to democracy.
  3. Pickering has been drawing rude cartoons about the political elite since I was a boy. For instance, here's Malcolm Fraser and here's Gough. However, drawing rude cartoons of the current PM is  sexist. I guess when Abbott becomes PM and Pickering starts drawing him without his budgie smugglers on, Fairfax will find that hilarious and will eagerly print his work.
  4. Fairfax thinks that Pickering should not be published because he writes rude and racey things and has a controversial past. Yet they employed writers such as Catherine Deveny and Marieke Hardy who are quite notorious for their low rent, filthy, controversial musings.
Add your own examples as you see fit.


1735099 said...

All you need to know about Larry Pickering -

Anonymous said...

You poor bastard. You've inherited Numbers now the Bunyip isnt posting. At least hammygar is leaving you alone.

Now, Numbers, here's a link to top yours.

It was left to bloggers to reveal the depth of union and labor's corruption and theft from workers because the so called mainstream journos like Oakes, Gratten, Cassidy, Marr, Crabbe, Hartcher, Van Onselen, O'Brien and Kelly have been covering up for them for decades now.
Not to mention Gillards government's attempt to silence any journalist who had the integrity and guts to reveal this by having them fired and threatening their employers. A bunch of thugs and bullies. That's the mob you support so fervently, still covering up for them with smear because that's all you've got.