Tuesday 19 July 2011

Words fail me

Letter in the SMH today:

Moderate liberals need to stand up now
The great moral challenge of our time rests with the moderate small ''l'' liberals of the federal coalition, parliamentarians, members and supporters; those who believe in a Greiner/Baillieu type of liberalism. The current lurch to the loony right under the brains trust of Abbott, Alan Jones, Angry Anderson and the flat earthers will irrevocably change the party and politics in this country. While the short-term electoral benefit of fanatical support from the US Tea Party-allied Murdoch press and the commercial shock jocks may be appealing, the medium-term result will be a party marginalised on the fringes of politics. The moderate Republicans in the US are all too aware of the threat posed to conservative ''liberal'' parties from their own right flank. The much-maligned rural independents appreciated this situation and despite their own historical political leaning had too much integrity to follow the dog whistle.
Lou Collier Surry Hills
I don't know what they're putting in the tea in Surry Hills, but it must be pretty strong.

I love letters like this in the SMH - I really do. It's good to see just how out of touch some inner-city types really are.

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