Tuesday 12 July 2011

Tuesday photos

The Bay. With sunrise. Obviously.
No pelicans this morning. Not many people about either - it was 6 degrees again. Although I had the long fingered gloves on, with fingers were frozen. I've bought a new pair of gloves - they're much grippier than the last pair, but they're also a lot thinner (as I discovered this morning). Brr.
A hill. With six cyclists struggling up it. Can you find them?
It was still quite dark when I got to this hill. The wonders of post-production editing have allowed me to make it light enough for you to see the road. There was just enough light that when I looked properly, I could see six bikes in front of me on the hill. Up until then, I thought I was the only one on the road.
Boats. And more boats.

Cruising over the Pyrmont Bridge before the pedestrian traffic chokes it.

Bridge for sale.
I took the long way home, going north on George St to The Rocks and then heading under the Harbour Bridge. Beautiful day for it.
Harbour bridge approach on the southern side
Everyone always photographs the bridge, but no the approaches - which are much longer than the bridge itself.
More of the harbour bridge approaches
See the bottom horizontal girder that sits on the bridge supports? If you ever do the Bridge Climb, you walk along that girder in order to get to the bridge proper. For me, that was the scariest part of the climb. There's a whole lot of nothing below you.

Rock. On car. Face. On rock.
I haven't been down this way in months. Someone has painted a face on this artistic rock. Is it art?

Roxy chick. Very groovy.
Definitely not the lycra brigade.
And now the bridge is behind me
An over the shoulder photo as I was heading away from the bridge. Point, click and pray.
Struggling home. Slowly.
This guy was so slow, he made me look good.

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