Wednesday 13 July 2011

Wednesday photos

ANZAC Bridge, from underneath
As you can see from the above photo, Sydney is now covered in clouds, and likely to be so for another week. Instead of freezing this morning at 6 degrees, it was 10 degrees and positively balmy.

Very retro and very cool. And very pale blue.
Although its "warmed up" a bit thanks to the cloud cover, I saw quite a few cyclists zipping around with hoodies on under their helmets. I took plenty of photos today, but the computer has eaten most of them - a first. They've just gorn.

Anyway, the hoodies. I hate them as they block your side vision and you can't hear what's coming up behind you. I gave this woman a bit of a shock when I went past - she had no idea I was there until I was past her front wheel.
Even though it's freezing, there's still a line up at the lights

Bike bus?
I've read about bike buses, and I think I've seen one, but I've never joined one. They're a good way for novices to learn how to ride into town. The idea is that the bus has a leader who picks other riders up at certain pre-designated points and times, and everyone cycles in as a tight pack - or a "bus". You get safety in numbers, and don't have to worry about navigating.

Where can I get leg warmers like that?
How do you think my legs would look in red?

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