Saturday 2 July 2011

Saturday photos

The Bay - a usual
Another glorious day - which meant it was time for another meander around the neighbourhood. I didn't take any photos whilst going around The Bay as it was totally packed with pedestrians - with a fair number of them spilling over onto the bike path. That meant riding with one hand off the brakes (and on the camera) was a bad, bad idea.
Some old bloke on a bike

Listing slightly
This is not a photo of my last moments before a crash - this is just me goofing and taking a photo at the wrong moment.
Honky nut highway
The honky nut trees are shedding the last of their nut load at the moment, which means one more hazard to be on the lookout for. It's possibly more hazardous at the moment because there's not enough of them on the ground to be obvious from a distance (which would allow you to take evasive action) but there's enough on the ground for you to hit one and have the tyre go out from under you.
A blurry honky nut
Typical bloody camera - you try to take a photo of a honky nut, and it focuses on the fence behind it.
Honky nut Death Star
You don't want to stand on one of these suckers in bare feet. Or bear feat.
Puffy pirate pants on a bike
I spent a minute or two on the wheel of a trio of cyclists - the last bloke wasn't wearing tight lycra knicks. He was wearing puffy pirate pants. At least that's what they looked like to me from behind. I've finally found something that looks more ridiculous than skin hugging lycra on old guys.

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