Friday 22 July 2011


When I was riding home the other day, I looked up and thought I saw the driver of the courier van in front of me toss a 3/4 eaten burger (complete with wrapper) out of his window onto the road. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me - I wasn't really sure if I saw what I saw, so I wasn't going to risk picking it up, riding alongside and dumping it back in his lap. Just in case.

Maybe I'm being too cautious about this littering thing.

I was sitting around outside a supermarket tonight, wasting a bit of time, when a woman went past and dropped a bit of rubbish. I was brain dead after a long day at work, and didn't react very quickly. It was only when she was almost out of the shops that I realised she had dropped her parking ticket. The lost ticket fee at that place is 40 bucks. Ah well - that'll learn her.

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Anonymous said...

and how much does it cost to park a bike Huh?