Sunday 10 July 2011

Friday photos

Bugger me, it's been miserably cold and windy this week. Not the most pleasant cycling weather. I've changed over to full fingered gloves, which make taking photos on the run a lot harder. I started with this photo (note the pelican on the water) and then remembered Cav's advice about 1/3 proportions. Damn.

So I took another photo, aiming for the 1/3 proportions. I think I go there. And the pelican is still there.

Then I thought I'd take a political photo - see, it slants heavily to the right but is otherwise fair and balanced.

How this bloke didn't freeze to death is beyond me.

And here's the afternoon photo. I had to do four separate rides on Friday. For the first (which was a pre-dawn start), I was fully rugged up with three layers and long fingered gloves. The second was mid-afternoon, so I shed a layer and switched to fingerless gloves. By the time I started my third ride, the sun was going down and I was pushing it staying with just two layers and fingerless gloves. the fourth leg was done an hour after sunset - it was back to full rig then, or die. There are days when I feel like I'm dragging a wardrobe around behind me.

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