Monday 4 July 2011

Sunday photos

I went in a direction I rarely go on Sunday, heading over the Gladesville Bridge just after dawn. I'm not a big fan of going that way - the bike paths are narrow or non-existent, and the traffic can be nasty. I managed to get two quick photos before the camera battery packed it in. Ah well.

The concrete path in the photo above is new - it's over twice as wide as the old one and is nice and smooth. That's marvellous - the old path ran right along the edge of the water - along the top of a sea wall - and I was always paranoid that I'd misjudge things and go into the water whilst passing a dog. Funnily enough, the other end of it mysteriously ends in the middle of a park. One moment you're on concrete, the next you are riding on grass in the middle of a 5 acre paddock.
Gladesville Bridge in the morning mist
If you like cold, misty mornings, then yesterday was a cracker.

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