Tuesday 28 September 2010

Some people swear at the strangest things

I get sworn at every so often - generally by some angry bloke in a car who is fatter, balder and hairier than I am (if you can be bald and hairy at the same time). I also get a bit of friendly chit-chat from some motorists, and then there are those that like to pull your leg. Four young blokes in a fast looking black Commodore pulled up alongside me today and asked if I wanted to race. I was very tempted - just to give them a laugh - but unfortunately I was about to turn off and couldn't take up their challenge.

I am not used to being sworn at though by joggers. As I went past the woman in the short clip below, she freaked and launched into a tirade of abuse. Of course she had headphones on, so had no idea that I was approaching from behind, and didn't seem to understand that as it's a shared bike/pedestrian path, there is in fact a small chance of encountering someone on a bike.

I'm pretty sure I didn't give her cause to jump out of her skin - I wasn't hooning and I didn't get close enough to invade her personal space. I think she was just zoned out with her music, and was shocked at meeting the unexpected.

Alternatively, she could have been bonkers. Which is why I kept going and pretended I didn't hear a thing.

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Anonymous said...

Obviously not enough pedestrians skittled by ambulances etc yet for them to think about music in the ears not being a good thing.


WV:asenipp - the sound of swearing receding as you fly past?