Saturday 17 July 2010


Friday morning was deluxe. Crisp, cold and clear. With the rain and clouds gone, the temp dropped to a nippy 7 degrees, which meant the old fingertips were feeling a bit crispy at the start.

Then I found this mental dude wandering along in shorts zapping weeds. Maybe it's the wind chill that gets me.

See? Told you it was a lovely morning. I get to see this, or something like this, almost every morning. I get to experience it; to savour it. I never get that feeling when I'm in the car. There's something about that glass and metal box that cuts you off from the world. It's great for getting places, but not for experiencing places.


Anonymous said...

Recent events reveal the deep hostility of a minority towards Gestapo methods. Successive governments have shamefully allowed the proliferation of bullies within public services, notably police. We have shamefully stood by, tutting here and there.

There will be no formal announcement of the inevitable police cleansing. The Chief Constable shielding Gadget will name the traitor before David Cameron has no alternative but to skewer both. Either way, it will begin closure of the UK's maverick police blogs and herald the creation of the working relationship between police and public, expected within a democracy.

Every rogue police officer who abused position in any way, or assisted corrupt colleagues to evade justice, or stirred hatred anonymously, will be identified. UK Citizens have the moral right to this information and every moral right to reject by any means if necessary, a State Police growing ever more maniacal.

AusAutarch said...

What about the gear ratio on this one?

1735099 said...

"There's something about that glass and metal box that cuts you off from the world."
Yep - roadster's (MX5s)rule.
I think the above comment(s) are on the wrong post???

cav said...

Hey guys, ya can't play Santana's Soul Sacrifice Live on ya bike.

Well maybe you can, but it won't sound the same as on my system in the ute with sub woofers under each seat.

Do you have problems with huntsmen spiders on bikes? One ran across my windscreen the other morning and I just know he is waiting for me somewhere....

Boy on a bike said...

Huntsmen? Nope. But I was driving along the freeway once, and flipped my sun visor down, and had a huge spider run across the ceiling above my head.

Took all my self control to not spin off the freeway at 110 in a cloud of smoke, with me screaming and waving my arms around.

As for music, I just have to put up with the rhythmic creaking of my knees as I turn the cranks.

Boy on a bike said...

PS - AusAutarch, saw that bike a few months back on another blog. What a monster!