Monday 19 July 2010

Some people have no shame

I was a bit slow on the draw a few weeks back, and missed a nutter standing at the end of the ANZAC bridge with some sort of Nova FM sign (Nova are a radio station over here that I rarely listen to). I had shot past him by the time my brain noticed that there was a freak waving a sign at the passing traffic, and I wasn't about to go back and try for another shot.

Having missed the first bloke back then, I was prepared today when I spotted Freak Number Two. Nova broadcast (I think) from a building directly behind where this guy is standing - I guess they are running a contest that tries to get people to make total dicks of themselves.

I wasn't the only one taking a photo - the woman on the right had her camera out.

I had the thick gloves on this morning, so I missed out on all sorts of great photo ops. There were a bunch of people getting out of their kayaks on the Bay - the sun was in just the right spot to really set them off. Then there was the rower in a black shell on perfectly still water. I've decided I am just going to put up with frozen fingers and go back to wearing fingerless gloves. Otherwise, I'll never photograph anything.

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