Friday 9 July 2010

Friday photos

What happened today? Oh yeah, it rained. I was cursing my spray jacket all the way into town, as it didn't rain, and then it rained in the last kilometre. If I hadn't been wearing it, I would have been soaked. I didn't wear it on the way home (the afternoon is much warmer than the morning) and I got soaked - but who cares? I sloshed in the back door, threw the shoes in the dryer, the wet clothes in the washing basket and splashed through the house to a hot shower.

Check out that sunrise - like a Turner painting.

I am getting better at taking photos with my thick winter gloves on - it just takes a bit of practice. That means I am back to taking photos on the run - or on the wheel. It's not that easy, and I do miss a few thanks to fumbling fingers, but I am improving.

Another shot of that glorious sunrise.

I can understand people not wanting to do the whole lycra thing and to be relaxed and comfortable in their normal clothes - but surely that's not much fun in the rain?

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