Tuesday 13 July 2010

Tuesday photos

Crikey, what happened to the last few days? It's seems like yesterday was Saturday. I didn't even have a good drunken weekend to account for the lost hours. Watching Le Tour into the wee hours of the morning should explain why I wake up feeling like my brain has been replaced with a stale muffin, but I haven't even been able to watch that all the way through - I keep on conking out on the couch.

Monday was nice. Today was miserable - but warm. Although it rained all the way home, I was too hot to put on the spray jacket. It's funny watching pedestrians crouching over and shivering as the dart from cover to cover as I tonk along trailing a thin cloud of steam.

That's an odd way to perch at the traffic lights.

The ongoing saga of the open-and-shut cycle path continues. One moment, there are barriers pushing cyclists onto the path. The next day, there are barriers blocking it off, and guys with jackhammers are tearing up the path. I hope these blokes aren't ripping up freshly laid concrete (I have this horrible feeling that they are - the stuff is about 2 weeks old). Typical government job.

The only irks this week have been two taxi drivers that decided to push me out of my lane. I was coming home tonight, rolling along quickly in the right hand lane (as I wanted to turn right at the next lights) when this taxi came along side and then just moved into my lane. The driver didn't try and get in front of me, or wait and get in behind me - he just decided to push me out of the way. At the lights, he was held up, so I got in front of him and then went around the corner reeeeeaaaaalllllyyyy ssssllllloooowwwwllllyyyy. I annoyed him enough for him to honk several times. When he tried to go wide to get around me, I simply drifted over and blocked him. If he wanted to be a prick, I was happy to reciprocate.


1735099 said...

"I keep on conking out on the couch"
It's called aging - happpens to everyone. It's only when you wake yourself up snoring that you're into stage two.....

cav said...

Wrong post dickhead, but anyway I have been diagnosed with severe sleep apnoea - had it for a few years.

I slept with one of those breather pump thingos and it was sheer bliss - actually got to stage 4 sleep when usually for example I wake up every two minutes on average during REM sleep.