Saturday 10 July 2010

Gumby cyclist

Some drivers are idiots, and the same is true of cyclists. We all do stupid things sometimes. The bloke in this video takes a quite amazing risk in my opinion - passing on a blind corner where cyclists come rattling around from the other direction at speed. In the mornings, I zip down this hill and around this corner in the other direction at a fair rate of knots. This bloke was lucky not to have a head-on with someone coming the other way, and no doubt I would have been caught up in the carnage.

What really annoyed me is that he crawled up the hill to the corner, and then overtook at the most dangerous point. I normally put the hammer down as I come off the ANZAC bridge, and try to be doing 40-50km/h as I hit the base of the slope. With that sort of speed, I hardly have to work on the uphill bit, as you need to bleed off speed to get around this blind corner at the top safely. Gumby trundled up the hill at about 20km/h - a frustratingly crawling speed - and then passed an even slower cyclist at the stupidest point. Aaargh! Some people shit me.

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