Tuesday 27 July 2010

How does it come to this?

A picture from The Australian today. Caption - "Kenny Windley, of Hermannsburg, in one of the houses in his township that ‘nobody ever came to fix". I'd be pretty upset as well - but what upsets me more is that no one is saying that this house was wrecked by burglars or vandals or squatters - it appears this mess was caused by the occupants. Why the bloody hell should the taxpayer foot the bill for fixing it?

Lajamanu, to the northwest, has been offered a housing package of just $10.9m -- expected to deliver about 17 houses -- despite having a population exceeding 1000 and a critical shortage of housing.
That comes to $640,000 per house. Tony Abbott was lightly roasted recently for dropping in for tea with a family in Sydney's west - it just so happened that their rather large McMansion cost $760,000 and had something like 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms.

Given the cost of land in Sydney, and the cost of building anything, just what the hell are we building in places like Lajamanu?


Pedro the Ignorant said...

If a house costs you nothing, maintenance costs you nothing, you don't have the slightest inclination to carry out personal hygiene and think it totally acceptable to live in filth and disease, then you end up with houses like this in the garbage ridden "communities".

They should be bulldozed flat and returned back to nature.

Anonymous said...

An interesting time commences in Broome as they try to clear a "town camp" using trespass laws with the permission of the local claimants whos country it is. All the longgrass drinkers and out of towners are being put on a bus to try and clear the eye-sore and remove the violence. Will probably only just move them on to the next camp.