Thursday 1 July 2010

Thursday photos

Took lots of photos this morning, but only felt that a few were worth putting up. I made a radical change - I actually stopped for a few minutes and took a series of photos from the one spot as the sun came up. When I got home, I found that I didn't like any of them, so I stood there freezing for nothing.

The last two were taken from the same spot, but have different ratios of sky to water. I was trying to show the reflection of the clouds on the almost-still water.

Sorry Cav, had to ignore your rule of thirds for the last one.

If I can be arsed, I'll take the tripod back to these spots after dark one night and do some time lapse photos as the planes fly overhead. I'd like to try and do one where I capture the lights of the aircraft both in the sky and reflected on the water.


cav said...

Some guy in 1797 came up with the rule of thirds idea and he was the guy that told me about it.

1735099 said...

You must be an old bugger.

kae said...

Great pix, Boy.
I like the reflection on the water, perfect!
The first is the best I think... or...

WV: hylabian

Not. Touching. That.