Wednesday 19 August 2009

Morning, noon and night

Morning. This bloke in front of me must have been freezing. It was 8 degrees when I left home, and not much warmer than that when I reached this set of lights. I think his secret is that he was a slug - a long downhill starts as we cross this intersection, and I generally zip down it at 50km/h. He slothed along at about 30, and I was stuck behind him due to the traffic. At 50, his nipples would have frozen solid in the wind chill.

OK, so I lied about the noon. Here is the almost night bit - ANZAC Bridge at dusk. The clouds looked a lot more orangey to me - the camera just doesn't pick some things up as well as the Mk I eyeball.

In this shot however, it almost looks like daylight! The bloke up front looked like the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

A sure sign of low light - the action starts to blur.


kae said...

"Badly proof read by boy on a bike"

Have you ever though that might be because you are on a bike?

The bad proof reading I mean.

Aus_Autarch said...

This might be interesting to you - maybe you have some pictures to contribute