Sunday 2 August 2009

How long does it take for a story to break?

I went outside half an hour ago to continue weeding the garden, and noticed a colossal column of black smoke rising out to the west. The smoke went up a few hundred feet, and had then been spread by the wind in a thick blanket to the side. We can smell it from here - it has the same sort of chemical taint that the cleanup plant at Rhodes has. Could in fact be that plant that has gone up in smoke.

None of the major online news outlets are carrying it, even though it must be visible (and smellable) for miles.

Junior has been sent out on his bike with the camera to get some better photos than we can get from here.

How long does it take the ABC, SMH etc to actually publish a breaking story?


M notes that the SMH has picked up the story - 50 minutes after I did. Who said that blogs just leach off the main stream media and broke no news?

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M said...

Consider it broken.