Monday 3 August 2009

Men are more cooperative than women

I typed the phrase "women are more cooperative than men" into Google and got over 4.5 million hits. A typical one was this - Study finds women cooperate better than men. If you type "men are more cooperative than women", it gives another 1.5 million hits on stories that set out to prove the opposite.

Sorry, but that is just crap.

Here are two photos taken by me in the last week.

First, women riding together. Not. There is no co-operation going on here. Each to their own, sister.

Second, men riding together. All cooperate to form an orderly line.

Armies are the greatest form of cooperative behaviour. Men have been joining up for thousands of years. Ever heard of the concept of a "band of brothers"? That, my friend, is cooperation.

Seriously, sitting around in a cafe with your girlfriends, gossiping about Sex in the City, does not really count as cooperation.


TimT said...

Actually, the Spartans didn't have much to do on the day while waiting for the Persians to attack, so they just kind of stood around and... gossiped about Sex in the City.

Anonymous said...

That is, the sex they were going to have in the city....


TimT said...

Eros in the City-state!