Saturday 22 August 2009

Fiddling with things

Time for a bit of housekeeping on the blog roll. I've split my favourite blogs into three categories, and I might break them down further still.

Sheepdogs and Nightingales - the sheepdogs refer to those rough men (and women) who are prepared to do violence to keep the rest of us safe. The Nightingales are those that mop up afterwards, or who face the more miserable aspects of human nature on a daily basis on our behalf (which is how Frank Chalk slipped into that category).

The Uncivilised Folk are the political blogs that I follow. I am sure they are all lovely people, but they are working in a very uncivilised business.

The Civilised Folk are those who are left over, although I am thinking of splitting some of them into further categories for Septics and Whinging Poms.

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