Sunday 2 August 2009

Ice cream and culture

I have found a cafe in our local area that is a bit further than my usual strolling distance that does the most incredible ice cream. Nothing like going for a walk, and buying a chocolate truffle ice cream in a cone for the wander home.

The pricing is also rather incredible - I looked at buying a 1 litre tub for home consumption, and found that it was over double what I normally pay for top-notch ice cream from our local specialist ice cream maker. Ouch!

I don't mind the price, but I can't stand their attitude. I've been there 3 times recently, and something about the staff is just "off". I've been unable to put my finger on exactly what the problem is, but I figured it out this morning - the owner is a grumpy, arrogant prick.

Although the place was not particularly busy, or even half full, the staff were all running around furiously, trying to look busy. As a result, their service was shite. As I was leaving, I met the owner, and he was all "What do you want?" with a sneer. He's like the Soup Nazi.

His attitude has clearly rubbed off on the staff, so although the food is good and the ice cream to die for, the only people who eat there are wogs who are also insufferably arrogant. They're almost as bad as South Africans.

The quality of the ice cream unfortunately means that I'll just have to grin and bear it.

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