Tuesday 18 August 2009


31 to 9 - that was the result of my rigorously scientific investigation into the ratio of male to female cyclists on Monday morning. Call it 22.5% if you like. That surprised me, as I thought the ratio was more like 10:1.

On the flipside, with regard to pedestrians going over the ANZAC Bridge, my unscientific count puts the ratio at 10 women for every man. I have a theory about this, and it relates to sweaty hair. Men do not generally need to blow dry their hair after a shower. At least not manly men. Most women need to, as well as apply makeup etc. I have never worked with a bloke that wore makeup to work. They might wear makeup after hours, but not in the office. I think women simply prefer to go through that rigmarole in the privacy of their home, as opposed to a common shower area at the office.

If you ride, you have to wear a helmet, and if you ride any distance, your hair will be a sweaty mess. A shampoo after a ride is a must for me. If you choose to walk, you won't get as sweaty, so the whole shower/shampoo/blow dry/makeup thing is not an issue.

Would more women cycle if compulsory helmet laws were revoked?

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Anonymous said...

It may be true that more women would ride if the compulsory helmet laws were revoked. However the unintended result of this may well be an over all reduction in the number of women riding bikes due to an increased mortality rate. What is gained on the merry-go-round might be lost on the round-about and then some.