Monday 24 August 2009

How to read Heaven + Earth

As much as I am enjoying reading Heaven + Earth, it is a bit much for my tired old brain at times. It's taken me a month to grind through the first 200 pages, which is odd, given that I can normally devour a book thicker than that in a single night.

I found a solution on the weekend.

Big bag of corn chips. Big bowl of hot salsa dip.

Put feet up with book, eat chips and fiery dip.

Wipe occasional blobs of salsa off the book.

That simple method allowed me to knock off another 100 pages in one hit until I was struck by Monkey Interuptus.

It's good (the book, not the salsa). Really good. But it makes me glad that I am not a rockologist.


kae said...

I found it fascinating. A few pages at a time, and going back later to reread and confirm what I'd read.

Heavy going because there are SO MANY FACTS to digest!

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hmmm. before the worm turned

Richard_H said...

I'm still slowly reading it. Haven't picked it up in a few days, forget to...

It's not too bad being a rockologist, makes books like Heaven & Earth easier to understand, ;)

Perhaps the best thing is that I've been aware of Plimer for years, I bought his book, "Telling Lies for God" over 10 years ago and have hoped to meet him ever since. I'd come close a few times, it's a small world after all. When I *finally* did at the book launch earlier this year, I got him to autograph that one. Heaven & Earth came pre signed, sweet.

Anonymous said...

As another rockologist, I also find it helps but at the same time the constant references to different geological and environmental models tires the brain quickly. The best I ahve managed is about 30 pages in a sitting. The more I read it the more irritable I get about the global warming crowd. These guys want to tax something that really has no effect. They are even prepared to sell out all the moral horrors of nuclear that existed barely 10 years previously to reduce CO2.

I wonder how long the oil rig spill off the Kimberley coast can bubble CO2 and presumably methane/butane into the atmosphere (plus other light volatile components) leaving maybe 10% as a slick now about 30km long like a sunscreen slick at the beach, which the pollution crowd focus on.
I havent heard the GW crowd squark about that yet!


kae said...

Hi Bigtones and other rockologists.

I read H+E and am also annoyed by the AGW scam.

It is heavy going, I hope Plimer produces his school text book for kids so that it can be given to people for whom H+E may be a bit too heavy.