Tuesday 22 June 2010

Tuesday photos

This week appears to be all about rain - will it or won't it? If I wear my spray jacket, it doesn't rain - and I sweat instead, getting just as wet inside it. If I take it off, it rains. Question is, what is preferable - warm sweat or cold rain? At least the clouds are keeping the minimum temp up. It was 8 degrees last week, it's more like 13 this week.

It's been bleak and grey and cloudy these last few days. Not a breath of wind though, which is nice. Notice the lack of lights in these photos? All the sensible people are still in bed.

One unforeseen hazard though has been wet newspapers that have blown around the place. I was going up a hill with a corner on it pretty quick tonight, and as I went around the corner, I ran over a sheet of soggy newspaper. I was laying down the power to keep the speed up, and when I hit the newspaper, the back wheel lost all traction. As it was dark and murky, the grey newspaper didn't stand out against the grey concrete, so I didn't spot it until the front wheel was upon it.

Apart from spinning my legs at about 300rpm, the rear also started going sideways. There was something about going uphill and the way my momentum was travelling that kept me upright - if I had been going downhill, I reckon I would have been a goner. I'd be scrubbing the last bits of gravel and sand out of my ripped up skin about now.

The best thing about the rain is that it sweeps away 90% of the pedestrians. I can race around the Bay with little fear of crashing into an idiot dog walker or pram pusher.

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