Monday, 28 June 2010

Friday photos

Given that it is now actually Monday, you may be wondering why I have called this a Friday photo. Simple - it was taken on Friday. Just around dawn. It's the only one worth publishing, as it is the only one that is relatively horizontal. When I take photos to the side when I am at speed, the camera always tilts one way or the other, and I think I'll get told off if I don't have nice square photos.

It was a bit wet on Friday - you can see two stalwarts walking into the shot from the left. They were about the only two pedestrians I saw that morning. There are some whackos who go out rain or shine, wind or hail, hot or cold - the weather fazes them not.

I must stop and ask those types if they are ex-infantry, and whether they were dropped on their heads as babies.

1 comment:

cav said...

Well they are 'in step' which rules out Navy.

Nice pic - by George I think you've got it!