Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Rolls Royce meets BMW in a nasty way

Saw the aftermath of a rather nasty prang this afternoon. In this photo, from right to left, we have a Police car, and ambulance, a 4WD that appeared to just be parked there, a small car that looked slightly dinged and then an old model Rolls Royce and a BMW 325 which have been totalled.

Sorry about the blurred photo - I cycled up to get a closer look, and the blasted camera battery went flat. Trust me when I say that the front ends of these two cars were well and truly mangled - wheels pointing in strange directions and all that.

This is the view from the rear - just as the battery went flat. My assumption is that the BMW was coming out of the side street and failed to give way to the Roller, which was coming down the hill and creamed the BMW.

There was a red P plate on the road, and I think it was from the BMW. I had to ride through a road full of broken glass and bits of plastic and stuff to get these shots - what a mess. Didn't see anyone banged up though - either they had already been carted off to hospital, or the crash was bad for the cars but not for the drivers.

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kae said...

Accidents fascinate me. It's trying to figure out what happened.

I shoulda been a detective.