Monday, 18 May 2009

Those poor, poor democrats

For a bloke who is so interested in redistribution and "spreading the wealth around", he sure hangs out with some strange bed-fellows:

After his Notre Dame speech, the president is scheduled to travel to Indianapolis for a $US15,000 ($A19,757)-per-couple fundraiser to benefit some of Indiana's congressional Democrats. He completes his commencement season tour on Friday with a speech before the graduates at the US Naval Academy in Maryland.

Why would anyone who is "rich" even think of donating to a party that is intent on taking more of what you have? It just goes to show that you don't have to be smart to be loaded. I wonder whether some of these clowns have inherited their wealth, which explains why you can go from rags to riches to rags in three generations.
Virtually all of the graduates stood and applauded, as Obama received his honorary degree.

Which means that some remained seated. If this had been Bush, the headline would have screamed, "Students protest against Bush over something or other". Why did the media not bother to ask those that remained seated (and who perhaps did not applaud) why they were doing so? Everyone who ever protests against a conservative is given more air time than the conservative they are protesting against.

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