Sunday 24 May 2009

I'm on the road again

I'm on the road again
Can't wait to get back on the road again
Go sniff some arseholes with my friends

I managed to achieve the first two lines of that today. The third will have to wait for... I don't know what.

The evil confluence of me with flu, kids with flu, weather Noah would be proud of and an overabundance of work finally dissipated today. I managed a whole hour on the road! Whoopee!

It was a beautiful ride - a balmy 22 degrees with just a hint of breeze. Dark clouds threatened the odd shower when I left home, which is why I chose a short route that would not take me far from a nice, dry couch, but they had departed by the time I turned for home, leaving me to ride until a spotless blue sky. The expected hordes of walkers, driven stir crazy by the recent spell of bad weather, did not emerge to clog the paths that I had to navigate. I should have grown a ticker and gone west for a much longer perambulation.

In honour of my first ride this month, I bring to you another in my series of rotting shopping trolleys. I love these as a metaphor for FoolWatch. Take a good look at this trolley slowly rusting and decaying in the filthy, turgid water of this backwater canal. Check out the slime and goo on the banks of the canal.

Can you not think of a better metaphor for idiotic web sites launched in a fit of moral panic by a government with no qualms about blowing our money on the most ridiculous of schemes?

My legs hurt like hell by the way. I think I overdid it badly.

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