Saturday 9 May 2009

I can fiddle with words too

It was only recently that Krudd called "people smugglers" the scum of the earth.

We also have refugee advocate groups trying to change the language so that illegal immigrants are called something softer and cuddlier - there was a letter in the Fin Review (no link available) earlier this week from one such group saying that we need to be less judgemental.

OK. In that case, why not call the "people smugglers" something else as well. How about "ferry boat crew"? Is there really any difference between a boat load of paying passengers arriving off the north coast and a boat load of paying passengers arriving in Circular Quay after leaving Manly half an hour earlier?

If Rudd wants to soften the language on illegal aliens and queue jumpers, we should soften the language on those that transport them. Perhaps we could even get the MUA to issue them with union cards.

[I have no complaints about letting in refugees. However, we are a nation that operates under the rule of law, rather than anarchy. We are a civil society, governed by a moral order. Getting in line and waiting for things is part of our culture - you don't see people muscling to the front of the queue in the supermarket for instance. Anyone who tries to bribe their way in or attempts to jump the queue clearly doesn't understand our culture or society, and they can just go to the back of the line as far as I am concerned.]

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Mercurius Aulicus said...

How about "Future Labor Voters". Or perhaps "Future Serfs" for the Liberals.