Saturday, 9 May 2009

Human seagulls

We have a little mall in Five Wog in the middle of the shopping strip. The old geezers hang out there in theit string vests, leaning on their walking sticks and oggling the chicks as they walk by. There's a giant chess set with pieces two feet tall, which I have never seen anyone use. The only permanent inhabitants are the seagulls, who hang around waiting for people to throw them a bit of lunch.

I took a seat there today to munch on a roll that I had bought in order to provide me with the energy to do the shopping. After sitting there for about a minute, a scrawny teenager approached me and asked if I had "a dollar for a bus fare". I told him no.

He went and sat down with his mate across the mall. Or plaza. Or whatever it is. Both looked about 15, and both were smoking. No way in hell I am giving money to a teenager who can afford to smoke.

Both looked like ferals.

As I chowed my way through the roll, I watched them approach and annoy a number of other shoppers. Some were asked for money as soon as they sat down to eat, others as they walked through the plaza.

Human seagulls.

When asked for money for a bus ticket, I should have asked the little turd:

  • Which bus are you catching (as in which route or number)
  • What time does your bus go
  • How much is the fare?
If he could answer all three questions, I would have waited at the bus stop and given the driver the money, if only to get them the hell out of my suburb.

It's pretty low when kids that age are begging, and they showed no signs of needed to beg. I guess mum didn't give them enough money to satisfy them when she booted them out of the house that morning, so they were bumming it off the productive people walking by.

Oh, the joy of having a housing commission block within walking distance.

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