Monday 17 September 2012


A friend emailed sent me a newsletter recently that they'd received from an "Education officer". They asked me how long it took me to spot the obvious mistake.

My main roll will be to ensure that the new National Quality Framework is implemented

Really? My main roll is a sausage roll. My olde English teacher wood role over and dye if I rote a sentence like that.


Steve at the Pub said...

Wow, feels like reading the online news of a weekend!

Amazing how many CVs from executive level people contain such mistakes. Amazing how much of it one gets from schoolteachers, I've even just this week picked up two such mistakes (though not as blatant) by my lawyer, who has been 25 years or more in practice.

How long to spot the mistake? I don't think stopwatches can start & stop that swiftly!

Put me down for a millisecond.

Ian said...

I emailed your article to a friend who teach ESL at a TAFE and here is here reply. "Working at TAFE, I see that kind of error all the time. It's depressing, but what's more depressing is when you point it out to them, you can see they just don't care. I lost my rag the other day at a sign on campus which said the Study Centre was open "Monday's, Wednesday's and Friday's". I couldn't believe it. I said 'Why the F**K would anyone want to come to a study centre that didn't even know how to use apostrophes?' There were a few sympathetic murmurs, but really, I could tell the prevailing attitude was 'whatever'.

Ian said...

Damm Typo "....her reply" of course