Thursday 19 January 2012

This is steam, not CO2

Steam rising from a NUCLEAR power plant
Just in case any retarded Greens visit again to discuss Senator Hansen-Young and her stupid cartoon, I'd like to point out that the white fluffy stuff that you see rising above coal fired and nuclear power plants is H2O, not CO2. It's water vapour. Steam. Assuming you're a stinking hippies and that you have showers every now and then (a big assumption), the steam fluffing around your bathroom is the same sort of steam coming out of the cooling towers of coal fired plants. That white stuff is not "carbon pollution" and you can't slap a carbon tax on it.

It's also a potent greenhouse gas. A more potent greenhouse gas that CO2. However, I'd like to see you try to tax water vapour.

Picture gratefully stolen from Bob Carr.

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Anonymous said...

Show me a picture of a nondescript building with a few smoke-stacks on it and it could be any industrial building or factory.
Show me some cooling towers billowing water vapor and I'll know it's a power plant.
Pretty simple really. The towers are used by us stupid hippies as a representation of fossil-fuel power plants, nothing more.