Friday, 13 January 2012

Greens and their scientific ignorance published for all to see

The Summer section of the SMH pubished this cartoon from Senator Sarah Hanson-Young of the Greens today.

Note the bottom left panel - it shows typical power station cooling towers emitting steam, and she has used them to illustrate "1 tonne of carbon pollution".

Are the Greens really that ignorant?


GeorgeL said...

Whatever - accidents happen.

Anonymous said...

In a word...yes.

Anonymous said...

Because using a generally recognised pictorial representation of electricity generation, which is Australia's largest single greenhouse gas source, shows ignorance how?

Jazza said...

It might be recognisable to the warmists,who after all used an old English out of commission picture for their advertising , too, but the smoke stacks smoking are wrong--

Doesn't happen--they emit STEAM, get it?