Wednesday 12 January 2011

Wednesday photos

It started as a grey and miserable day - I thought it was going to rain again - but the sun came out and it hit 31 degrees on the way home. Humidity is around 80% - I am currently leaking water from every pore. Last week, there was a bloke in a tinnie just off here having a fish. Today, it was a couple of blokes in kayaks. There were also a million runners out this morning - amazing how many people are up and about at 0700 doing stuff like this.

A very speedy older gent who came roaring out of a side street just in front of me. I don't think he expected to see a bike in the bike lane - he had a slightly surprised look on his face, as in, "Oops, maybe I should have braked and looked first".

Don't see many rollerbladers anymore. Boy, was that a flash in the pan.

I had a quick chat with this bloke at the lights - then he took off and left me looking at his tail light rapidly receding into the distance.

A stack waiting to happen - what this bloke doesn't realise is that cars come up the street from the right and cut the corner here as they turn right. He'd be lucky if a car only ran over his front wheel.

Cyclist about to jump the red light.

Huffing and puffing over the ANZAC bridge.

A very fit looking bloke.


BOB said...

Those are roller-skates aren't they? That bloke you had the chat with is 1750, there are only a handful of people in the state who could catch him.

Boy on a bike said...

I feel humbled to have been blessed by the presence of a member of the 1750.