Saturday 29 January 2011

Thursday photos

I'll be blowed, I just found a few days worth of photos that I forgot to post. These aren't from Thursday by the way - it's just to differentiate them from Friday's lot.

A bloke fishing along the Bay Run. Don't see that too often. As the land around parts of it is reclaimed industrial something or other, that water is probably full of fish with nine eyeballs.

I'm not getting up earlier - the sun is getting up later.

I saw this bloke in the orange vest a few times - what was odd about him is that he is riding in a blue business shirt. I could never do that. Even though I wear all the air breathing lycra stuff, by the time I get to work, I have sweat dripping off my arms and pouring down my face. One good thing about this photo is the amount of room the passing ute is giving us - notice how far out he is from the white line. I like it when drivers give you plenty of room.

I stupidly went fast and caught up to this rubbish truck - getting a lung full of that was not pleasant. Almost heaved up my breakfast.

No, the bridge is not about to fall down. That's just me taking a photo whilst trying to pant up a hill as fast as possible.

A couple of hubbards, there for the taking.

It hasn't been cold, but this lady was well rugged up - woollen top, thick long fingered gloves etc etc. Some people feel the cold. Not me - too much insulation.

A sucker for punishment - not only did he play tennis in the hot afternoon sun, he rode to and from his game. Some people are just too fit and active.


Mike said...

There's actually quite a few fish in the bay! Ironically ever since commercial fishing was stopped in the harbour due to pollution, the recreational fishing been excellent!

Probably not a good idea to start though, I think we cyclists give enough money to Shimano already.

kae said...

The woman looks to be carrying plenty of insulation.
And perhaps the fisherman likes "Futurama" fish.