Monday 10 January 2011

A quick comment on sights and targets

Much has been written about the use of cross-hairs in various political campaigns, and whether this contributed to the Arizona shooting.

Just a small technical point - the loon who did the shooting used a Glock. The Glock does not come with a scope, so you don't see cross-hairs when aiming it. You see something more like this:

Why be picky? Because of all the ranting that the pictures of cross-hairs set this guy off. Somehow the association between the cross-hairs that you would see in an old fashioned rifle scope would make this bloke buy a pistol and shoot all and sundry.

Old fashioned rifle scope? Fancy modern sights employ a red targeting dot, like the sight picture below.

Cross-hairs are so 20th century. They're the sort of thing you find in a Norden bomb site on a B-17, not a modern weapon.

Just saying.

I hope they fry the guy by the way. Elections are the best way to remove a politician you disagree with.


cav said...

They are not cross hairs but crop marks used on printing.

You see them in the margins of newspapers and magazines.

Have they arrested Palin yet?

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