Monday 14 January 2013

The wrong trousers

The holidays seemed as good a time as any to shop for some new work clothes. I desperately need some more trousers - I have a tendency to wear holes in the crotch rather quickly, and there are few things worse than wandering around town with your arse hanging out of your pants.

There's just one problem with trouser shopping - I can't get my bloody legs into most of the trousers cut for my waist size! My thighs have grown fairly substantially since I started cycling, and it appears they are now quite abnormally large. I tried half a dozen pairs of trousers on - I couldn't get half of them over my thighs, and the rest gripped them so tightly, I know I'd burst a seam the first time I bent over, squatted or so much as sat down.

This shrinking waist/growing thighs is a problem. It would be so much easier if I was built like a lot of other blokes my age - stick thin legs and pot bellies.


kc said...

May I suggest getting trousers that fit over your legs, then having them tailored? It didn't used to be priced out of range of most people...or there may be a sewing club that would be willing to help?

DMS said...

Pants don't fit because of cycling?

- just joshing!

1735099 said...

Kilt would solve the problem.
Reckon you'd look good in a kilt BOAB.

Anonymous said...

Numbers enters another blog as welcome as a fart in a phone box.

What is it with lefty fascists and wanting to piss all over stuff like mongrel dogs? Bearing in mind numbers doesn't allow comments on his own remarkably pedestrian blog.