Tuesday 1 January 2013


The thing about lycra knicks is that they slowly fade away. Or wear away. With every ride and wash, they get a little bit thinner.

Until you can see through large patches of them.

Here's a question for you - you're riding along and you catch up with another cyclist, and as you close in, you discover that you can see their entire bum.

Do you:

1. Tell them about it
2. Look away
3. Follow them for the next 20 km


Anonymous said...

Depends on sex of rider Male=1, Female=3, The Red head=2

Anonymous said...

Tell the bro, follow the ho....

cav said...

Be there same time same place the next day with your video camera mounted on ya bike and post it here for us to see what you're on about.

If it turns out to be a male bum you is in deep shit BOAB!