Monday 1 October 2012

Violence against women - Afghan edition

Disturbing, weird and just downright nauseating.

In late 2009, U.S. and British forces ordered a study of Pashtun male sexuality. They were worried that homosexuality and pedophilia among Afghan security forces and tribes could create cultural misunderstanding with allied troops, according to a copy of the report obtained by The Washington Examiner.
Afghan women, emboldened by the presence of U.S. troops. have complained about beatings they've suffered at the hands of their husbands. The domestic violence reportedly stemmed from the inability of the women to become pregnant and produce sons, highly valued in Afghan society.
When U.S. civil affairs teams (and other special forces units) quietly investigated the problem, they quickly discovered a common denominator. Virtually all of the younger men who beat their wives (over their inability to become pregnant) had been former "apprentices" of older Afghan men, who used them for their sexual pleasure. Upon entering marriage, whatever the men knew of sex had been learned during their "apprenticeship," at the hands of the older man. To put it bluntly, some of the younger Afghans were unfamiliar with the desired (and required) mechanics for conception.
To remedy this situation, the Army called in its psychological operations teams, which developed information campaigns in Pashtun areas, explaining the basics of heterosexual relations and their benefits, in terms of producing male offspring. It may be the only time in the history of warfare that an army has been required to explain sex to the native population, to curb the abuse of women and young boys--and retain U.S. influence in key geographic areas.

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Steve at the Pub said...

Must have been quite an experience for the troops involved!

Side anecdote: In a newly formed country, called (say) East Rimot, the General of peacekeeping troops from a country that (say) wears slouch hats with the left brim turned up, had dinner with the General of peacekeeping troops from an Islamic cricket-playing country that (say) has been in the news recently for beating sheep to death.

During dinner the Generald from the (say) Islamic nation asked the General from the (say) marsupial-laden land, "How do YOU stop your men from sleeping together?"

THIS was NOT a question the General from the marsupial-laden western country had EVER expected to be asked (as a serious question - apparently it was quite a problem for the army of the other country).