Wednesday 17 October 2012

Dress like an idiot day

Today was Ride to Work day. Or to put it in its modern parlance, it was "Ride2Work". Dunno why they didn't fiddle with it further to make it Ride2WerkX", or something stupid like that.

Days like today bring out the gumbies by the score. There are those of us who hop on our bikes and plod to and from work everyday with little fanfare and no fuss, and then there are those that ride one day of the year and expect the sort of accolades that are normally reserved for winning Le Tour.

The people I really hate are those that dress up for the occasion. Yes, OK, I dress up in lycra everyday, which is about the stupidest, most ridiculous thing a middle aged bloke can wear - but I was beaten hands down today by a bloke wearing purple fairy wings.

At least I think it was a bloke. (Is it sexist to say "it"?)

FFS, why do these clowns have to show up and turn things like this into a fucking circus? Can we please have one day of the year that is tool-free?

I was so disgusted, I left Hyde Park without collecting a free feed. And believe me, that is a major event. Me turning down food (free or otherwise) is like Craig Thomson knocking back a hooker.


kc said...

We have an entire month that's pink, and another that's racist. What's not to love about tools! Hey, we need a month dedicated to the awareness of tools!

cav said...

A free feed?

Why wasn't I told?

Boy on a bike said...

Because you don't need an excuse to dress like an idiot!