Wednesday 20 June 2012

Wednesday photos

It's been a while since I've put some photos up. I haven't been able to take any morning shots - it's too dark when I hit the road to get a decent shot. And I have to run out of the office door before 5 in order to get shots like these.

Pyrmont Bridge, with the Maritime Museum in the background.

I couldn't work out which shot I preferred more.

Another day, another wingnut behind the wheel. This driver pulled out of a parking spot and then crashed straight into the raised kerb separating the bike lane from the road. By the time I pulled my camera out and grabbed this shot, the car had rolled backwards off the kerb. I thought for a minute that they were going to try and drive right over it. For the first time since this bike lane was built, I was thankful for its existence. Anything that separates me from morons like that is a good thing.

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