Sunday 24 June 2012

Finger saving clouds

I've been thinking about digging through the shed and looking for my long fingered gloves - because it's getting cold in the mornings. When the temp dips down to 6-7 degrees, the finger tips start to ache in fingerless gloves.

I was a bit surprised one morning last week when I had to stop after 10 minutes and take my jacket off. It was too dark to read the bike computer temperature readout, so I pulled up under a street light and discovered that it was not the usual 6-8 degrees; it was 14 degrees.

Then I looked at the sky - no stars. We'd had overnight solid cloud, but no rain. No wonder it was so warm.

Whilst I was digesting that, I pondered the fact that global warming models don't include clouds. I know that weather isn't climate, but it does seem a fairly important thing to leave out.

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