Tuesday 26 June 2012

Nice rant

Of course not. We all know that windmills are a self-indulgent and sanctimonious luxury whose purpose is to make us feel good. Had Europe genuinely depended on green energy on Friday, by Sunday thousands would be dead from frostbite and exposure, and the EU would have suffered an economic body blow to match that of Japan's tsunami a year ago. No electricity means no water, no trams, no trains, no airports, no traffic lights, no phone systems, no sewerage, no factories, no service stations, no office lifts, no central heating and even no hospitals, once their generators run out of fuel.

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Rob said...

Rant is the correct term, he starts with the conclusion that wind power is useless then sets out to rant until he convinces himself of it. You can't really expect much more from someone who thinks that Hitlers intentions towards the United Kingdom was just a misunderstanding and conspiracy to discredit Hitler.

Anonymous said...

I think I missed the part in your rant, Rob, where you spelled out why Myers was wrong. Oh that's right, you didn't.


DMS said...

Hey Anonymous, I think you missed the Green-Left memo where any inconvenient argument can be dismissed by non-PC or incorrect comments on an unrelated topic.

Anonymous said...

Another fan of Kevin Myers. Great stuff. Let's remember that Kevin wrote the "Irishman's Diary" column in the Irish Times for many years. This column was originally made famous by Pro- Quidnic/Myles na gCopaleen/Brian O'Nolan (take your pick). A genius if ever there was. Kevin fulfilled that legacy and then moved to the 'Indo'. He is no ranter and writes rather brilliantly, in my view, to dispel hypocrisies and myths.
There you are nice bit of background to your day and remember this "this pint of plain is yer only man"