Sunday 24 June 2012

A few photos

What's this? A photo of a sign? Have I gone mad?

With the brightness adjusted, you can just see a couple of joggers running in the bike lane before dawn - with their backs to the bikes. I see this once a week or so - if it wasn't for my super bright headlight, I would have gone straight up the arse of one of them in the dark.

I've seen a big shift in the last few years in the attitudes of a lot of cyclists to being seen. Hi-viz tops seem to be big sellers, and it's rare to see someone without a working tail light - or two or even three.

And here's a whole swarm of joggers doing a pack run one morning. The pack runners seem to have some sort of collective common sense - they rarely run in an annoying manner. They know how to use paths without annoying everyone else.

Oops, forgot to turn the flash off.

That's better.

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