Saturday 9 June 2012

Union snouts in the trough?

Something I didn't know:

My favourite part of the whole thing is that what really, really, pissed off the public sector unions was that he freed the school system from having to buy the teachers’ health insurance through the union run monopoly.

You’ll not be surprised to find that premiums fell for the same coverage: and that school districts actually ended up with more disposable cash within the same total budgets.

This was, of course, such an outrage that a recall campaign must be launched to reverse this terrible attack on the workers’ rights.

Imagine that - unions lining up to line their pockets at the expense of taxpayers.

We have a similar problem in NSW with insurance cover for Ambos and the Police - their respective unions provide their members with insurance for misconduct etc, but it costs a lot more than it should. But it's all OK because it allows the Union secretaries to pay themselves very high salaries and loads of expenses. In other states, Ambos and Cops have been allowed to make alternative arrangements, and funnily enough, their fees dropped by about half.

This comment is interesting:

(although my interest was piqued by the news that the Democrats/Unions got over 900,000 signatures on their recall petition but in a secret ballot only 1.16 million voted for their candidate).

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